The Network

The Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network (CTDN)

CTDN is a private hybrid network consisting of multiple-carrier private MPLS networks, private fiber and peering relationships. With multiple high capacity entrances to the Internet, we have created a flexible path for all Telehealth services. These services, in combination with carrier class hardware, monitoring and management allow for a supportable and reliable network for health critical services. With more than 500 sites already on CTDN, we are primed for growing Telehealth organizations.

By providing private path for critical telemedicine communications, Carenection is able to provide optimal support and quality of service (QoS) not possible on the public internet.  Private path also provides a high level of isolation from DDOS attacks common on the public internet. Regarding long-term viability of path and services, by its very nature CTDN eliminates concerns with net neutrality issues such as secondary tariffs for high bandwidth applications like bi-directional HD Video and high priority low latency applications.

The Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network (CTDN) National Footprint

Over 500 facilities. Over 5,000 video endpoints. Over 720,000 annual encounters. The Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network is a proven platform with multiple service providers at your fingertips to fulfill your most pressing telemedicine needs.