The Marketplace

Access to the Leading Telemedicine Providers in the Nation

Carenection has partnered with the leading providers of telepsychiatry, teleneurology, teledermatology, tele-stroke and other specialties to bring you a national footprint of providers who are licensed in your state.  They are all certified on Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network to provide services to Carenection member hospitals.  Result?  Multiple provider choices on a single platform.

Ability to Be a Consumer AND a Provider of Telemedicine Services

Whether you are looking to bolster your call panel or participate in a hub-and-spoke telestroke program, Carenection can help.  We can help turn the investment you have made in telemedicine equipment into a business development opportunity for your institution.  If you desire to be the hub instead of the spoke, or if you are a Center of Excellence in a specific specialty and want to share your expertise nationally, the Carenection platform allows you to do so seamlessly.

Integrated Language Services

Carenection can provide integrated video and audio remote interpreting through Martti (My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter), the pioneer in healthcare interpreting.  Depending on a member hospital's setup, Carenection can even bring in an interpreter simultaneously with a telemedicine specialty encounter via our split screen technology.

Unified Telemedicine Infrastructure

For more than 13 Years Martti has been at the forefront of healthcare video technology.  Moving forward as Carenection, the experience and end-to-end video solutions at the core of the largest Telehealth provider in the United States (more than 75,000 encounters per month) are now available to all members of the Carenection Telehealth Delivery Network.  Through custom integration into our video network we can offer connectivity between you and your clients on any standards based video platform. What does this mean to you? A simplified way to manage Hospital IT infrastructure and hardware.  An “any device, anytime” methodology that includes iPads and Android devices, as well as existing equipment in your facility.

We brought the first skills-based video routing platform to market. In so doing, we provide on-demand access for your clients or to services your patients need while ensuring they reach the proper resource.  For example, patients in Ohio can be routed directly to providers credentialed and certified in Ohio all at the press of a button.

Further, through our partners, we can provide EMR data normalization and custom interfaces for providers as well as a wealth of future services and options.  Carenection offers the future of telemedicine to its members to solve today’s challenges.

Practice Analytics and Intelligence

Big Data. It’s a term we hear repeatedly discussed in the media, industry conferences and in offices worldwide.  The problem with big data?  It’s too big!  How many times have we slaved over producing reports only to see our team's eyes glaze over or become so overwhelmed with data that they suffer analysis paralysis?  Carenection’s analytics team is expert at the creation of dashboards and data intelligence that allow for all us data junkies to analyze performance and surface insights through powerful visualizations that drive action.  We use these dashboards to analyze our own performance on a daily basis and are happy to use them to help you analyze yours.