About Us

The Health Network

Our mission is to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare by building the most comprehensive telehealth marketplace in the United States. We offer our clients single-vendor simplicity for all their telehealth needs over a private, HIPAA-compliant broadband network specifically tuned for delivering telehealth services, thus increasing scalability and reliability while easing support burdens.

The result is a satisfaction improving, outcome enhancing, ROI driving tool for increasing access to high quality care in a timely fashion.

Carenection enables all members to establish their own telehealth relationships with every other member on the network. Our members are telehealth consumers, providers or both; our network is a two-way street that turns telehealth programs into revenue generators as well as cost savers. Our strength is rooted in building and maintaining strong, collaborative relationships among all healthcare leaders.

Carenection is a comprehensive solutions partner that brings together best-in-breed technology, network infrastructure and consulting services to create a seamless and transparent encounter for the patient and provider.  Carenection is the most widely utilized telehealth network in the country, delivering over 75,000 encounters per month via more than 5,000 video endpoints to over 500 hospitals nationwide.

The Carenection team looks forward to partnering with you to make your telemedicine vision a reality and proving ourselves to you each and every day of our relationship.